sexta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2010

Age of Aquarius

We are approaching the end of the Age of Pisces. We already feel a sense of relief freedom, renewal, innovation and open spaces. It is as if some kind of burden or pressure has been removed, something that held us back from following our choices. This is the effect of the energy of the Age ofAquarius. Although astronomically speaking, the Age ofAquarius is still years away, it is already opening up a range of possibilities to empower mankind. The transition period between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius is more or less 100 years. The Age of Aquarius wili only be firmly established between 2090 and 2100. Aquarius is a sign that impels us up­ward and forward. The search for personal and overall freedom becomes increasingly more present as we break away from old behaviors and reject old dogma and concepts. We feel more courageous to develop a new out­look on life... But let us not fool ourselves: the planetary configurations will not spur humanity to evolve on their own; they only portray what goes on in the colective mindset. Waiting for external solutions will not solve matters. Change must start in your own heart. We need to adopt a more realistic attitude and change our own “ego”. Problems will not disappear because of an approaching new Age and mankind will not take a quantum leap overnight. The Age of Aquarius will not lead us automatically to a new way ofliving. It is a slow process. Some people have the need to break with tradition and transgress. Others have been internalizing this change during a much longer time and do not feel the need to take up arms and become a revolutionary. In his book Life is Entertaining, Horácio shows us that he is already in harmony with Aquarian energy. With his open mmd and irrever­ent musings, he teaches us how to transform what is already dated into something brand new. This is the Aquarian outlook we need to develop: understand other points of view. This is what Horácio, with his experiences, passes on to us, soul to soul, as it should be.

Monica Burich

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